Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am my alter-ego: "Cat Guuurrrrlll" My little hairsticks are making it look like anime cat ears pokin' over my head. It amused me muchly and even provoded a 'flick' from the Honey... I felt very accomplished. :)

So yeah, today - really, really tired. Annoyed at my body - was doing great last week and weekend so I probably over did and now am paying for it. I do really good for a while, then ::crash:: It doesn't help that I haven't been able to sleep well the last few nights, either. *sigh* but I"m being good at taking my stuff from D. and waiting for my vitamins to arrive...hates the waiting.

I've got a hugemongous list of things that need to be done around the house, not to mention finishing up the dress that was started forever ago to wear next weekend. And I've got an idea for yet another dress to start... was going to use the linen to make a skirt for work, but now have a better idea. :) ::mwaahahaha::

My horoscopes of late have been very interesting. This morning I got: "Sweet romantic memories will get your creative juices flowing. Plan some travel." Considering the Honey & I were discussing the whole f-it, lets go to vegas thing this morning... eeks.

Then he sent me: "Your peers may judge you harshly today, but don't take any criticism in an overly personal manner. Others are likely being more supportive than you realize. They are telling you what they think you need to know in order to be a better person. Listen with an open heart; save your defensive posturing for when you need it. " Yep... the PTB are flicking me in the head...with a frying pan. ::ow:: Fine! I'm listening. I'm taking care of myself. I'm playing my own game, not other peoples. Really... so enough with the flickage.

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