Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Words of Wisdom... a Wednesday Bonus

This is in honor of a few friends who are Rockstars and don't know it... actually, I think they do know it, they just forgot for a moment.

Recently, they got distracted by this silly thing called life and lost sight of their awesome ROCKSTAR selves.

You see, they started to build habits, got their minds in a good place, started to see progress...

Then went ::flop::

They didn't fail, they just hit a small speedbump on their otherwise smooth road.

These things happen. Sometimes the speedbump is OMGHUGE and blocks your view of where you were headed in the first place.

Other times it's really just a little pebble that trips you up and jolts you back to reality. It makes you realize that you weren't paying as close attention as you thought. You zoned out for a little bit, went on auto pilot, got startled and have to get your bearings.

Either way, you may be confused, wondering where your life has gotten to... you may feel like you're floundering or lost, especially if that molehill seems like a mountain. You can't quite see where you've been - there's a faint trail there behind you, but the starting point is obscured - and you can't see where you're going clearly.

Or you may feel you're spinning your wheels, stuck, questioning if your current mode of transportation is /really/ the right one for your journey.

Or maybe the path just isn't as clear as it once was.

Guess what?! This, all of this, is perfectly normal.

Probably, if you've been paying attention, writing things down, journalling, etc., you can look back a few months to a year and see that you've been through this before, probably more than once.

If you keep looking, you'll discover something amazing: You got through it.

Look at this time as a blessing, not a curse. It's a great opportunity to re-evaluate (goals, direction, implementation), refuel (recharge your brain, refuel/re-energize your body), review (your progress, your positive steps, your GO ME moments!) or just plain rest (take some down time, especially if you've been going full boar for a few month to recharge and recover).

So, to my fantastic friends I leave you with this thought: "Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!"

And this great bit of advice from <link> </link>

Positive Motivation

Do you ever have trouble following through with the goals you set?
Here are three key areas that need to be in line with your intention:

1) First and foremost, make sure that every goal you set is of VITAL importance to you. This can be tricky because we so often fool ourselves into thinking we want one thing when we want something entirely different. Get to the heart of what you really want. Why do you want it? What will it do for you? What positive things will it bring to your life? How will it help you? How will it make you feel when it's accomplished?

Write all of this down and keep it handy so you can refer to it as often as necessary if you feel your commitment beginning to slip.

2) Think about what will happen if you don't follow through. Would nothing much happen if you don't achieve your goal? If not, then you need to raise the stakes! You have to make your goal the most important thing in the world, and if you don't do it, you'll deal with negative consequences. Even if you have to indulge in a bit of "make believe" in order to do this, do it. For example, play up the fact that you'll lose respect for yourself if you don't follow
through; or you might agree to give up something you love if you don't make it happen.

3) Then, each and every day, renew your commitment. It's easy to be committed when your goal is new and your motivation is high, but you need to be able to STAY committed - no matter what! Each day when you awaken, read through the goal you wrote down on the first day, and stress again how vitally important it is to you. Promise yourself that you're going to do as much as you can to work on your goal that day, and every day until you achieve it.

P.S. I'm not one to tell secrets, but I'll let you know who these special people are... maybe you can write them a nice note of encouragement.

Lean in a little closer... I'll whisper it in your ear.

*it's YOU!*

::does Rockstar/air guitar dance::

YOU are AWESOME! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise... not even yourself!

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