Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The one where I'm a *little* more sane

It's amusing when someone asks for assistance and I offer up advice - they follow it and end up being a total rockstar, and I do the opposite and get bit in the butt.

So apparently I know what I'm talking about... I just don't listen to myself. LOL!

I shared with a fellow team mate about pre-workout nutrition, and make sure to drink lots of water and have a lite snack about 30-60 minutes before hand, but no sooner.

Yeah, I ended up having my snack, which was a little heavy, about 20 min before heading out for a walk/run... in the 90 degree heat. And I felt that snack every single step of the trail.

ooof. And oops.

I still managed to do some running (even though my legs hate me after the lunge/squat fest that's been the WOD this week), my heart rate didn't get over 160, and I did 1.5 miles in 20 minutes. I then forced myself to walk the last 1/2 mile sllloooowwwwly, and now my heart rate is back down to 68. Whee!

Guess I'm at least doing a decent job at at conditioning my cardiovascular system. :)

Now off to the shower and throw together some dinner. :)


~Diet Goddess~ said...

You didn't get a visit from Pukey the Clown, did you? I have the opposite problem. Sometimes on Saturdays I fail to eat ANYTHING before trying to rock my workout. That came back to bite me in the butt when I hyperventilated on one of the first CrossFit-type workouts that I did. Talk about a scary thing!

Lesson learned! Just have to schedule it carefully so that there's enough time for my Synthroid to do it's thing and enough time that I don't toss my cookies at the gym. I hate clowns.

Lady Rois said...

LOL! Nope, no visits... though it was a bit touchy in the morning during my "Cindy" workout.

I have to set an alarm for about 4:30 am to take my westhroid, then can get up at my 'normal' time of 5:30-ish so I can get a _little_ bit to eat before my workout, so I feel your pain. :)