Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is me being really brave

After Ramona suggested it, I went searching out photos of me that mark the passage of time along this journey... I was thinking, "No big... I know there's been changes but not /that/ much."

I have to say, I'm truly humbled... looking at them, I'm realizing how far I truly have come physically, mentally, emotionally.

And I'm also amused because really, I don't have many photos of myself. Basically, I never liked having my photo taken, and it shows in the small number I was able to find.

So here goes... starting with an evolution of a dress...

This is where I started... roughly. This is from my friends wedding in July, 05.

Then the following year...

At my Aunt & Uncle's 50th Anniversary party in June, 06

In between that, I did a bit of yard work...

Around May, 07

Then fast forward a couple of years...

At our friends wedding April, 08

Enjoying time with the hubs before their wedding.

I continued along for the next couple of months before our wedding...

June, 08

And then things REALLY started to pick up.

Took a trip to Mt Lemmon for my birthday...

October, 08

Then was feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere...

But apparently I was doing ok... in March/April-ish, 09

Then we went to Florida...

In April, 09

And then to Dallas...

In August, 09.

And here we are today:

And I'm going to be REALLY brave and show you what's under that:

That was taken this morning (proven by the sticky note)

So there you have it... a few stops along the way and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes along in the future.


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Wow you have really come a long way and done very healthy. I try to teach people the slow and steady way, to make it a lifestyle.

Your on the right track, these pictures prove it.
You look beautiful :-)

Heather said...

If you ever sell yourself short again, I'm coming to visit :) You have done amazing my friend & I'm really proud of you! The evolution of the dress made me laugh..been there, done that!

Keep on keeping on girl & I'm here along the way :)

Lady Rois said...

You ladies are awesome... Thank you!!! Not something I posted to get attention for, just to show, as you said T - slow, steady, dedicated lifestyle choices CAN make it happen.

And Heather, I know you meant that as a threat, but I took it as a double dog dare! LOL! But I'd rather you visit for a non-kickin-my-butt reason. ;)