Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shameless self promotion...

and gratuitous flexing... Mainly because I haven't posted one in a while, just wanted to share a 'progress' picture... and besides, it's the beginning of the month and there's a lot of goal wrap up/setting going on.

Sorry for the less than thrilled look, was more of a 'is the camera gonna oh, it's... no... oh going off now" look.

And then I had to post this one, mainly because I got a cool complement today. A coworker passed by, stopped, turned around, and said, "Seriously?! WOW! You're calves are out of control!"

Ummm... Thank you?!

Now I understand why...


Ok, so there was a /little/ extra flexing on the one leg... but still! My legs and ankles look like they go together now!

See... I've always had very thin wrists & ankles. The rest of me is a medium/large-ish frame, but my wrists & ankles... tiny. I always had to laugh at the 'determine your frame size by your wrist measurement' things because if I went by the 'small frame' charts, I'm supposed to weigh 120. Granted we all know those charts are cr@ap, but still.

Anywho, because my ankles are so small, my lower leg has always looked huge (to me anyway) in comparison - sort of this odd, extreme "V" taper. But not so much any more.

Looking at both photos it's time for me to realize that yes, indeed, I'm shaping up, I'm becoming more concentrated, and my body shape is not what I think it is. Despite the last holdout of body fat on my upper thighs and tummy, the rest of me is doing pretty darn good.

This has also reinforced my decision to not step on the scale for a while. I have a goal to be below 150 by my birthday next month, and honestly, looking at the fantastic physical progress I've made, I don't want the reality of the scale to ruin that for me. :)

So there you have it, progress pictures and confessions of body image insecurities.

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