Friday, September 25, 2009

Focus on the Fun For Friday

I woke up this morning and I was whiney.

I've been dealing with sinusy issues this week - annoying but mild considering how it used to be. Then I was thinking about how I dislike being sick/snuffly while traveling, especially on a plane... OMG the pressure on the ears and face makes me cringe.

Ugh, then the packing! What the heck am I gonna pack for a week for a place that's, on average, 30-40 degrees cooler than what I'm used to?!?!

Side note: For all the Alberta, Canadians around - I'll be in Edmonton from 29 Sept - 3 Oct.... just sayin'... and aside from that I have no other details.

And OMG my eating schedule is going to be all sorts of wonky.

*This* is within the first 5 minutes of waking up.

Then I heard the collective groan of my two lovely princesses - Stevie & Veruca.

In unison, they said, "Get over yourself, Woman!"

::blink blink::

Oh yeah, good point.

I then declared today to be made of all things awesome and fun. And so far, it is.

First off - my beautiful friend Ramona and her amazing husband Rob renewed their vows today, after 10 fantastic years of marriage.

::Squee:: makes me all giddy and happy thinking of it!

Then, while I took it easy-ish at the gym, was horribly satisfied with my workout. I had a lovely, albeit chat when I got home with MaryAnn (thanks for that little perk, darlin'! :)

This weekend is gonna rock! I'm looking foward to enjoying the beautiful weather we're having by getting back to my fave walk/run spot along the Rillito river walk. Then I get to meet one of my SparkFriends, Michele... YAYAY!!! Cannot wait!

Sunday I have a bridal fair I'm going to be working, and the extra income is going to go towards roof repairs (and bird eviction of those #$!%ing pigeons!)

Then Monday afternoon I board a plane for the Great White North (kooookokokokokoooo! Sorry, little Bob & Doug throw back there ;) to spend a week with the hubby in his home town, and get to see Ramona!

Not sure which one I'm looking forward to more... eh, who am I kiddin', I lubs my hubby, but OMG get to meet Ramona!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Oh yeah, and a nice little vacation to boot.

It also means limited time on the computer which is probably for the best all around. Needing a break from a lot of things right now, and this is great timing. I'm taking my workout stuff and I forsee taking several walkies for a bit of alone time, but I'm also looking forward to just relaxing and getting some rest to come back revved up to kick some butt!

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