Friday, January 2, 2009

Now that the ball has dropped

Pick it up and run with it!!!

I'm totally stealing my hubby's phrase, but he had a great point. We talked a bit about how we're going to make our goals happen, what the collective and individual We need to do, etc.

There's the flurry, the excitement, the urgency to set resolutions/goals/to-do's, but now that New Year's has passed, what's the reality? Are you taking baby steps to get your endurance & nutrition back up from the month off? Are you throwing yourself into it or do you have a plan that will keep you on track and push you without feeling completely shredded? Or are you still putting off getting started because you want to do it 'just so'?

I started my 12-week fat blasting series on Monday and my fitness plan for this month is: intervals on M, W, F, and weights M, W, Sa. This morning I braced myself for a super packed parking lot at the gym and you know what I found instead? All but one of the spots at the front of the building were completely empty. I think, counting the 2 people working, there were 10 people in the whole gym. Granted, it /was/ 5:50 am and most people probably took today off work and weren't going to get up that early, but still... that's way less than the usual crowd. It will be interesting to see how it is next week!

Oh, if anyone is interested, Discovery Health is doing their annual national body challenge including an 8-week free membership to Bally's.

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