Saturday, January 24, 2009


You gotta indulge in something from your 'old life' to remind yourself of why you left that world behind.

Stopped at Taco He$$ for lunch because I was out and about and it honestly sounded good... I even opted for the 'fresco' menu, which I discovered is TH speak meaning hold the cheese and add runny beans instead of the dehydrated ones. As I was eating it, it wasn't too bad. I was pretty impressed with the beans actually. Then about 5 minutes that 'bleck, what's coating the inside of my mouth, throat and innards?!' feeling hit. And it's still lingering. That's accompanied by the full but not satisfied feeling I get when I eat something that's probably less than ideal nutritionally

So, while I'm a firm believer that there's room for anything in a healthy lifestyle, it's all about observing how your body reacts to what you put in it, and choosing to not have something that makes you cruddy afterward.

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