Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wait, what do you mean it's /Thursday/?!?! Yeah, been that kind of week - super busy at work with hardly a chance to breathe (job security?) then feeling mostly like poo the rest of the time. I worked a bridal fair with my hubby on Sunday and that took a toll on my legs, along with the fact that AF decided to act like the monster energy vampire. Seriously. Sucked all my energy and most of my brain power, leaving me with the dumb for the better part of this week. I slogged through my cardio on Monday, and felt like I had a useless workout with the trainer that night (we did legs... go fig! And he knew I wasn't in much of a working mood since I kept chatting. oops.)

Tuesday was the Super Cranky Day From Heck. It got to the point where I decided to take my cranky butt home early and take a nap. The kittens enjoyed that, and helped the mood a bit, but not so much with the energy. I again slogged through a walk before I went to dinner with my friend. That was a much needed outing, but it was also bitter sweet - we were marking the 3rd anniversary of the passing of a good friend. That thought pretty much put a damper on the day, making the super emo, pre-AF mood almost unbearable (hence the nap!).

Yesterday was starting to get a bit better, although I had the whole excited apprehension for my workout that night. It was the first of the 1x a week, 1-hour sessions. Eeks! Even though I knew it would be fine, the only frame of reference I had was from 3 years ago being put through a torturous workout from a PT that left me mostly unable to move for a week. It was the last session I had from him and almost made me throw in the fitness towel and completely swear off weights all together! Glad I got over it. :) Anywho, the workout went really well, and I almost feel human today... except for the arms. OW. Shoulder/delt/lat regions hate me right now. Ow. And I get to put myself through some of it again tomorrow. Whee!

Oh, and AF is still biding her time, I'm sure hiding till an inopportune moment to show up.

All in all, I really wanted to call this week a dud but the fact that my trainer commented on the definition in my legs, and me getting through that 1 hour workout alive, and keeping my food ratios right where it needs to be, and studying even though the book hurts my brain, even finding a weeee skosh bit of time to spend with the hubby while he's working in town (most of it's a sleepy kiss when he gets home or when I'm leaving for work, but whatcanyado?).

Figure I'm doing something ok.

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