Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The hard part

Well, this is what I get for putting my intentions out into the world... I guess I've talked about it enough because my fantastic husband made me an offer I couldn't refuse (not like /that/! Geesh!)so I took the plunge and signed up for the ISSA PT cert course. That's the easy part.

There's a BIG part of my brain that's going, "what am I thinking?!" But another little part of the brain is doing backflips. I spent a lot of time with the hubby talking about why I want to do this and what I want out of it and I have a much bigger picture that I'm going for. But at the moment, I'm doing it for me, to learn, to better myself, and to ultimately help people.

Till then, I'm going to calm the part of me that's freaking out and get to work! /That/ is the hard part!

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Sensacola said...

Why is it making you freak out so much? I think the bigger freak out point would be 'Ok, now I've got this, passed everything, and....what now??' ... but then, you have a 'what now' already in place since you're doing this as part of a larger picture not on a 'whee this'll be fun!' whim.... When the larger picture is in place, the pieces aren't so scary. Reaffirm your goal and that this is just a really fun step on the way. WWW is proud :D