Friday, January 16, 2009

A Milestone Reached!

Yep... that's my weight as of this morning! Veruca, Stevie & I did a big 'ol happy dance around the bathroom and scared the cats. I was expecting it to be in the 169.0-169.8 range, but was thrilled to see it squarely on the nose.

This week I decided I was DONE with being surprised by my results and too action. I got back to my basics - logging my food, stuck to my training plan, drinking my water, making sure my macro nutrient ratio was 40-45/30/30, and (this is new) limited the amount of starchy/grain carbs I was taking in. The results were right in line, actually better, than I expected. I also took my measurements because I was a bit over excited... then promptly tossed them. Once a month is all I need and in a little over a week my trainer is going to do them for me.

Thing is, it's really just a number. It's a gauge to see if what I'm doing overall is working for me and this morning it gave me the green light to keep doing what I'm doing. I was extra excited because it means my workout tomorrow is gonna be for the greater good of my mind, body, soul, and my health.

It makes me realize how far I've come in my mindset. One of my awesome Sparkbuddies commented how I'm 20# away from my goal... and my first thought was 'from my first goal'. Today, instead of the number on the scale giving me license to have a free day because I 'earned it', I just did a happy dance, had my usual breakfast and looked over my lifting and cardio plan for tomorrow. I'll have a 'replenishing' day when my hubby gets home Sunday, till then, it's same-o, same-o.

But my weigh in wasn't the best thing to happen today. It was nice, and don't get me wrong: I'm _thrilled_ to have made it into the 160's.

The fact that my chiropractor only needed to spend about 5-7 min working on me, rather than the full 15... THAT ROCKED! I teased him that I got the adjustment my hubby usually gets! It means that I'm doing with I need to to keep my body in true balance. The nutrition, the exercise, the nightly stretching, and the rest (oooh, the kittens, bless their furry little toes, have let me sleep all night the last couple nights! Cue the rainbows! LOL!) all that is creating the best environment for my body to thrive.

Oh!!! I get to end today by finally meeting the beautiful Barbara and other Tucson Sparkers!!! YAY!

And yes, I'm excited to take Veruca shopping for cute matchy-match workout clothes!!!

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