Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabulous lonely pants, choices, grace, and the Queen of Everything Friday

The week started out super awesome. I got to spend 2 days in a row with my fantastically amazing hubby - as a side note, I've always known he was amazing, but really, over the last couple of months, I've really learned the depths of his awesomeness. Even then, I think/hope I've only scratched the surface! Now most people may not think 2 days in a row with someone is that big of a deal, but considering the fact that he not only travels a lot, but most of his 'days off' are during the week when I'm working. We got lucky this week and he was home Sunday & Monday, and I had Monday off. YAY! We spent a lot of time talking about what we've learned, and where we're going. The conversations (and a few comments from my trainer) really were the impetus for me to stop talking and make a decision to move ahead with the PT cert. The cool thing is that, even though we have different takes on it, we're very much on the same path now, and even closer together than we were before. Squee!

Then the week started and oh my goodness was it a doozy! Up till now, it seems like folks have still been on holiday mode but not any more. The pace went into overdrive for everyone and, quite honestly, I was having a ball! Yes, there were frustrating moments, but since I'm now the super duper official Queen of Everything around these here parts, I just dismissed it. I might have a snarky moment to release it, but otherwise, I was good. I find it really interesting when the, uh, 'stuff' gets piled up... It reminded me a bit of my wedding - there were soooo many details to deal with that it was overwhelming at times, but it also lended many moments of clarity. Times like that /really/ show what people are made of. Yes I had several meltdowns, but I also was in the moment at the time I needed. Been like that this week - feeling on top of things, able to answer the questions I needed to, able to help the people that needed it.

Reminded me of the quizzes that go out to friends that say 'what word would you use to describe me?' I've been called "Unflappable", "gracious", "calm", and my favorite, "Cutthroughthecrapeandgetitdone"... Yeah, ok. If you say so. But apparently, depending on the type of pressure, I do pretty well and don't take it out (much) on other people.

Can't say the same for other people around me, and I saw parts of folks that really disappointed me - not going to help, not going to share the info because I want you to fail, not my job, someone elses problem.

Yeah, maybe I'm a bit too giving, but I look at it like "if not me, then who?" I have a choice in how to respond and I chose to just get the work done.


But here I sit, on Friday, in my lonely pants... oh, yeah, you thought I'd forgotten about that. ;) Was wearing these jeans a few weeks ago and a co-worker giggled. I pressed, she said, "are your pants lonely since your butt left?!"

o_O ROFL!!!

See, I always joke about having a flat posterior (yes, honey, I know you disagree!) and this was really funny because these pants were almost caved in at the back pocket. Now, they're extra lonely cuz my butt took part of my hips & thighs with it. Oh darn. ;)

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