Friday, August 1, 2008

Technical Difficulties

My dad was a pilot for a while. He got his small aircraft license and during the process I got to learn a bit about the operation of a plane. One of the concepts that intrigued and confused me is "Always trust your instruments." Ok, I understand when you're in clouds and you can't tell up from down, you need to rely on your instrument panel to tell you if you're level, altitude, etc. But what if you see ground below, sky above, and your instruments tell you you're flying sideways?! Which one do you rely on?

Basically, I'm in the latter situation and my instruments are all telling me something different.

Scale: says I gained (sorry Bombshells). Ok, this can be attributed to 1) less exercise this week, 2) hormonal issues, 3) not watching what I eat. 1 & 3 are easily modified, and 2, well, it'll pass and then return, then passs, then return, so I'm not even gonna worry about it.

Callipers: say I lost body fat. Whoo hoo! but huh?! Can be attributed to me still trying to figure out how to do it and get consistent, but then again, it was only a smidge different than the last time I did it.

Tape Measure: Says I've gained 2 inches or lost 1. Who knows. It depends on if I'm standing tall/better posture, or not.

Clothes: I'm wearing a shirt that I've never been able to wear buttoned before... before today anyway. There's a /little/ bit of pulling at some buttons when I sit, but otherwise, it fits great.

So I guess this week is a wash in general that I learn and move on from?! Dunno.


Super special bonus: A rant about "complements"!

I read this entry in one of my fave blogs and got it but didn't really:

Then this last week I've gotten several "complements" - you know the sort of "Wow! Have you lost weight/How much have you lost/You've lost weight and look great!" On the surface, it's really nice to have people - especially those you see every day - notice the changes going on. At the same time, I have an urge to be really sarcastic (big shock coming from me, I know!). I've had to engage the brain/mouth filter to catch myself from saying, "I've just been sitting on my bum eating bon bons... no idea how I could have lost any weight." Or wearing a sign that says, "Big physical changes in progress. Hold comments till the end." I have responded to some folks, "I better be looking good, I'm workin' my tail off!" or some such thing, but that's dependant on how well I know them. I realize people in general mean well and want to acknowledge and encourage the positive changes you're making. At the same time, no one is going to say, "Holy mackeral you got HUGE!!!" Granted there are some who would, but overall, no.

So is it just me? I try to say 'thank you' and move on, but it's also a little annoying.

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