Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cranky Wednesday Carryover

"One of the keys to true happiness is staying positive in the face of
challenging situations."

Isn't that the truth!?! And today I really, really needed to be reminded of it.

Had a stressy night last night - had a HUGE storm roll through w/60 mph winds, hail, tons of rain that flooded the street in front of the house (no surprise there), and caused several downed power lines in the city - including some by my house and had a power outage from 8:30-ish to 4:30 this morning. I ran around like a mad woman with a flashlight checking the doors and windows for leaks, praying that the sealant around the skylights would continue to hold, and that the hail wouldn't be too big and damage said skylights. The damage on the way into work looks like a tornado tore down the street - Huge tree's down, stuff all over the road, major mess.

Finally settled down enough around 10 to get to sleep but was uncomfortable because of not having A/C or a fan, and had the kitten pile on me (/they/ were fine, just worried about /me/... that's their story anyway.)

The result, on top of the hormonal flux, is me still feeling cranky, tired, and aggrivated. Did pilates this morning because I just couldn't deal with going to the gym and am feeling it in my abs. But I'm trying to stay positive and keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I have in my life. And one thing I'm grateful for is not having to pay for 6 hours of electricty last night! :P

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