Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I ate *what*?!

This one just cracked me up, especially since this week has had lunch out not once, but twice! Monday was at Macaroni Grill and today we went to Claim Jumper. MG has their nutritional info listed on their site, but after looking at it, I wish they hadn't. There's some stuff that you want to delude yourself into thinking that it's healthy (it's got chicken and veggies! that's healthy, right?! ::ignores the words "smothered" and "cream sauce"::) And then there's info like this that makes you doubt even the reassurances by the restaurant:
(note the reference to MG's not-so-skinny-Skinny Chicken.)

Then you go somewhere like Claim Jumper that goes straight to the "you don't want to know" attitude towards the calorie/fat/sodium content of it's food. Considering all the food (including dessert!) comes on a plate bigger than your head, you can pretty much figure that what's on it is more than you should consume for the day... or the week. And I'm ok with that. I don't go out to eat very much any more, so it's a nice treat, and it's straight forward in my book, no hiding behind the 'healthy' curtain... until today. They revamped their menu and have a section called 'sensible fare' or some such nonsense. This has items that are 'less than 650 calories' which, after reading the above, I doubt, not to mention it's still more than one /should/ consume at one sitting.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I had my heart set on having the Boca Burger and they were out. I settled on the quiche which, oddly, seemed to mess with my blood sugar. ::shrug:: but the salad was yummy so all is good and right with the world. :)

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