Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I can't get no... Satis...Fact...shun!

Hee hee... yeah, in a slightly goofyish mood. It's what happens when you start your week on Tuesday instead of Monday - it puts everything into a different perspective. Either way, today is my Monday and got back on the eating and exercise track after taking a serious break from it this weekend.

What's continually interesting to me is the whole disruption to the routine - used to not matter much, but now that I'm eating better and moving more, I really feel it, and the indulgences aren't as... appealing.

Sunday was the biggest example of this. I did fairly well food wise on Saturday - didn't log anything but in general felt good - Then Sunday my hubby (S!!) and I had a very low key, indulgent day day together which started with sleeping in late, having scones for breakfast, and then ended up having pizza, breadsticks and beer all afternoon while we played a game on the evil PS2 (Not sure if I'm proud or ashamed that we made it through 6 levels to finish the game that day.) By the end of it, I was tired, sore, bloated but still... hungry (Not to mention my shoulders & thumbs hurting! LOL!). It used to be I'd have a few pieces of pizza and was stuffed. I was still stuffed, but not in that 'i've been nourished and am satisfied' way. Even though I've really only been focused on eating several small, balanced meals for a few weeks, my system is really happy with it and didn't like the change.

Yesterday I really got the point. I took the day off and we did an errand in the morning. I ended up not eating my first meal until 11, and then around 3 I was completely wiped out. I realized I hadn't eaten since 11 and as soon as I had something decent to eat, I felt a ton better. I planned my next 'meal' for a few hours and ended the day with salad, veggies and grilled chicken.

While I don't feel 100%, I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, which helped motivate me to get up for a walk this morning, and tomorrow it's back to the gym.

So this little diversion into indulgence was fun, and I know there will be _occasional_ side trips there, I know now that it's not a place that I want to hang out in for very long. In fact, I was thinking about the holidays this morning on my walk - was listening to an old radio show from Nov/Dec. In particular, I was thinking about how the habits I'm creating now will help keep me from giving in /too/ much to the goodies that abound the last few months of the year. While I'm a procrastinator by heart, some things are best to plan waaaaayyy ahead for.

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