Wednesday, July 30, 2008


If there's any boys reading this, you may want to stop now... There will be talk of girlie issues...

Ok, not /too/ graphic, but still...

ok, you've been warned.

The good and bad of this week is knowing there was something going on and now I have to deal with it. As I've discovered many times before, the more I pay attention to my body and the better I treat it, the louder it speaks back. Things were going /really/ well the last couple of weeks with eating and exercise. I was productive at home, fairly productive at work, and all around kickin' butt... but I knew there was something going on - I was feeling very ADHD and easily irritated, not to mention not sleeping well.

Then I got the thyroid lab results. Oy! That explains a lot - a lot of the typical hypERthyroid symptoms... go fig.

Then this week in general happened - I was thinking it was the weekend that totally derailed me, but I think it just helped push along what what already happening - it's 'that time' again... ok not THAT time, but at about 2 weeks between cycles (aka ovulation time) I've noticed that I go through a slump, where my energy and motivation take a nose dive, I get sore and out of sorts... which, coincidentally is going on right now. Hmmm...

In the spirit of listening to my body and learning from the process, I need to accept that stuff is going on and while I can't change that, I can 1) change my attitude to accept it, 1a) start paying attention to my body's schedule, and 2) work _with_ it to reach my goals.

I'm going to do an experiment to work hard 3 weeks, go easy for that 1 week, then start all over again. Which means that I need to find a way to get more sleep because last night I had horrible insomnia. Again. Meh. Today is going to be a minimal caffeine day - even though I've cut back a lot, extra stimulants on my system right now are a bad thing.

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