Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Change in the air

Yesterday, a friend of mine made the comment that it felt like change was on the wind. I made some witty response about breaking wind and on we went with a different conversation. Yeah, I know... deep, huh? But the truth is, there is a lot of change going on with me and I'm having serious difficulty with it.

I've got a low level frustration thing that I'm trying to figure out. Part of it is a physical girlie thing, so I'm chalking a lot of it up to that. Not to mention trying to figure out how to 'fix' a lot of other problems in my life. ::shakes fist at all the guru's and their goal making advice!:: My Hubby (squee!) did a big goal making session that we talked about before he left on this recent trip and it's been knocking around my brain... I know what I ultimately want, and I already basically know the details of how to get there, but I've got a huge brick wall staring me in the face.

I've been reading through the Burn the Fat book and there's lots of great information in it that I'm really excited about implementing, but I'm really struggling with the nutrition aspect - aka The Food - but I'm not really sure why. On the one hand, it's about learning a new way of planning meals to incorporate the right ratio's of nutrients to ensure maxium fat burning. Schweet!

On the other hand I'm looking at this tiny list of foods and this really vague formula of what to eat with what and when and how many times and wtfoatmeal!?!?! and and... ::flop:: So yeah, frustrated.

And the scale is up a bit (points back to girlie issue). I've tried telling myself it's new, try it for a week, body is just adjusting, etc. but Veruca just pouts and Stevie... yeah, don't think that's the peace sign thankyouverymuch.

I spent way too much time during my workout this morning thinking about how I'm really not getting it, how it sux, why it's not going to work for me, how I can tweak it to fit what *I* want to eat not what I'm being told to eat (no matter the fact that I've read many first hand testimonials from people on different groups that it works! And gee, how was what I *want* to eat working for me?!)

Then, as I was getting ready, I got my horoscope:

"Don't be impatient with yourself right now. It takes time to learn something new."

::shakes fist at PTB:: Darn them and their always being right!

I feel like all those stories you hear about people who stop just short of the finish line without realizing how close they really are. Right now I have a lot of things in flux, and it feels very chaotic, but eventually all the pieces will fall into place and things will calm down, so I need to just breathe, continue to cut myself a bit of slack for being *ugh* human, and have faith it will all work out in the end. Oh yeah, and stop skipping around in the book. LOL!

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