Monday, July 28, 2008


Did someone get the license plate number of the truck that ran me over?!

Seriously... that's gotta be it.

So yeah, not really in the best shape today. What amazes me is that, when I wasn't paying attention to what and when I was eating, and couldn't be classified as a normal pattern, the occasional deviation from that 'pattern' didn't have a lot of impact. If it was a 3-5 day deviation, then yeah, there were consequences, but for the most part, no big. Now, with paying attention, having an actual pattern and plan for eating, exercising, rest, etc., any small deviation has a HUGE impact.

Case in point - this weekend, even though DH(S!) was home and usually that's equals vacation time in my brain, I did good food wise on Friday and fairly good on Saturday - eating times were wonky because of getting up late and doing errands, but all in all ok. Sunday not so good. It started with a sleep deficit because (hangs head) we got a PS2 and were up till 1 playing a game... (which I totally kicked butt on! LOL!) Then we got up around 8 to get to a bridal fair to work (ironic, no? Married but still going to bridal fairs! But it keeps my hubby in town this week working so yay!). I ate 2 big meals that day - breakfast and dinner - and had minimal snacks and water during the day. Combine that with hauling heavy stuff and standing all day, I am one _really_ tired and _really, really_ sore mOnkey! I debated in my head last night about getting up for the workout this morning and decided that a moderate/high intenstity workout would do more harm than good, but I would do something easy. When I could barely move without hurting to turn off my alarm, that plan was scratched, too. Or at least postponed till I get home tonight.

The ibuprophen is slowly working but my neck & shoulder still don't really want to work, which makes it fun if I try to move my head. :/

What all this whining amounts to is how I was taking for granted the fact that I was feeling GREAT! and how much I'm looking forward to getting back to feeling GREAT very, very soon. Today is a new day with a plan for eating, exercising, and just being the best person I can be.

In other news I got a notice on my labs and my cholesteral is FABU! My glucose level is happily low-normal and I'm going to pick up the actual sheet from my doc to see the rest of it. The little card with those results had a note that my thyroid was low, but need to see the actual numbers to understand what that means.

On a final note... OMG I am sooo sick of the commerical for multigrain cheerios! "But the box! It says..." "What else does the box say?" Well, it should say that the people who wrote this commercial are stupid heads.

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