Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cranky Wednesday abounds

Yeah... this picture was begging to be taken and it made me giggle this morning. :)

So yeah, this morning was an interesting challenge. I /did/ get up earlier (go me!) but still ended up being late. It was a struggle to get out of bed, and felt kinda like poo when I finally did. Then it was a comedy of errors to just /get/ to the gym. I had to go back to the house 2 times before going to the gym - forgot my heart rate monitor first, then realized I forgot my water bottle. Meh... on the way into the gym I realized I'd forgotten my card (which really means I forgot my wallet [ie my drivers license! oops!]) Yeah. Luckily the nice guy who's always at the front just waved me in.

I get on the first elliptical machine. SQUEEEEEEEEK! SQUEEEEEEEEK! SQUEEEEEEEEK! I get on the one next to it. SQuueeek SQuueeek SQuueeek. *sigh* fine. get on the one next to it... squ... squ... good enough. Somehow I managed to plough through the workout fairly easily - even though it's normally brutal - so yay! and the mOnkeyPod was playing some kick butt music to distract me. Whee.

I managed to barely make it to work on time again, so will definitely work on getting up earlier, especially as my workouts get longer. And tomorrow will be a super easy cardio day, me thinks - like doing pilates at home instead of the treadmill at work. Body is giving me the warning of 'push me more and you'll pay' as I've got the slightly achey, not-quite-but-on-the-edge-of-a-cold feeling. Will still do my workout tomorrow, but not as vigerous.

One perk to the morning (besides a nice call from my hubby. squee!) was a spark message commenting that I'm about 1/2 way through my weightloss travels... hokey smokes, she's right! how cool is that?!?! My determination is strong, and I pulled out a bikini that I /will/ be wearing proudly next July. I'm also going to find the skirt that I've been holding on to and hang that in a prominent place. It's one that's a smaller cut than the size says and I've never worn it... It WILL be worn by my birthday!

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