Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just wanted to comment that my fabu cholesterol test scores were done by changing diet and increasing exercise. My cholesterol had been a bit on the high end for a while, but not so 'bad' that my doctor felt I needed medication. The triglycerides was really my worst 'score' for quite a while and I got the finger wagging each time. Since that one measures the sugar/carbohydrates in the blood, I was really concerned about it. Even though my glucose was fine, it can be a precursor of diabetes.

Now, for me the biggest change was to stop eating processed food, and if I did, limiting the amount of HFCS and transfats. After reading "In Defense of Food" I'm really glad I did. I /know/ that I feel better overall when I eat food that's cooked/prepped at home from real ingredients instead of out of a box, not to mention cheaper in the long run, but it's time consuming and sometimes inconvenient... I've found some shortcuts that make it easier, have some stand by recipes that help when I haven't prepared appropriately, but I still have times that life happens and I just don't do it. In the end, I pay for it after the fact - either I don't feel as well, I don't get the results I want, and it's really difficult to get back to feeling better.

Like today. I got up and went to the gym and OMG it was agonizing. My body just didn't feel like moving, my heart rate didn't want to go up, I couldn't keep focused and it was all I could do to get through it and go home. But I did it, and darn it all if I don't feel better... at least now, several hours after the fact. I have the good sore that comes from actually using my muscles (with the exception of the crick in my neck from yesterday.) I decided to stick to my schedule and have today be an easy/medium cardio day. In theory it's me getting used to moving again after 3 days off, and making tomorrow's interval workout easier.

Here's to hoping that the theory holds true. :)

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