Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Friday Dance!

Yay! I made it to Friday! And my DH(S!) is at least in the state and will hopefully be headed this way in a couple of hours.

Was very proud of myself - got up about 10 minutes earlier, made it through my workout this morning and kicked butt! All that despite an interruption from a friend of mine. She's the uber crazy one that gets up for spin class at 5 am... so there I am, huffing away during my 2nd or 3rd interval, heart rate is around 150-155, sweat dripping down my face and she stops by to say hi. Cool... then actually wants me to have a conversation. WT-?!? Surprisingly was able to talk to her for a bit, maintain my heart rate, and not fall over.

Whoo hoo! :)

Apparently the rest did good for me.

And I stuck around for an extra few mintues to get some decent stretching in. Felt very good!

Then I get into work to see a HUGE plate of very tempting chocolate chip cookies that would have made Nana Nestle very proud. I looked at them for a good couple minutes then decided that it wasn't worth it. At least not today. If I'm going to indulge, I need to set standards, and while I'm sure those were fabu and don't want to bad mouth the wonderful baker, if I'm gonna have a cookie, it's gonna be from Rocco's or my own kitchen. And if I'm gonna have ice cream, it's gonna be real ice cream - full fat cream/milk, sugar and happiness. Basically if there's going to to be an indulgence, I want it to be worth it, ya know?

Speaking of which, kinda concerned about this weekend. Will be the first weekend with DH(S!) since I've been back on track eating and exercise wise. Next week won't be so bad since he'll be working and I can cook/workout as normal. Tomorrow may be an issue since there's a gathering, and Sunday is going to be really challenging since I'm helping out at a bridal fair (aka minimal breaks, no access to decent food, and lots of cake samples.)

It'll take planning, I know, and if I don't do great, well, there's always Monday.

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