Friday, August 14, 2009

Seeing the light

I'm completely pooped. The trip up and back to Phoenix last night wiped me out on so many levels. Physically because it was all highway travel (which always stresses me out) and I didn't get home until Midnight.

Emotionally it was a roller coaster and it's effects are still lingering.

The service was amazing - lead by a phenomenal woman who was a loooong time friend of Yehuda and had several other significant people in his life say a few words. Typical of how he lead his life, things just couldn't stay too serious for too long. Laughter erupted from the throng in attendance as easily as the tears. (Seriously! A throng! We're talking standing room only that spilled into the court yard! Well done, 'huda, well done.)

For all the great acts and deeds this man performed in is too short life, his single greatest accomplishment was this: Living his life simply as himself.

Nothing like being wrapped up in the warm blanket of love and compassion inspired by one man to make me evaluate my life, and find ways to align my internal, "moral compass" to _my_ true north and be the best me I can be.

On that note, I shall leave you with this gem that my dad - who is made of all things awesome - sent me. It was in response to this entry.

Gotta love the Boss!

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