Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweat Therapy and the Great Cake Incident

In college, I had a roommate that couldn't function before she had her diet coke. She pretty much wasn't fit for human consumption until she had her requisite 1-2 cans in the morning - I learned that the hard way when I tried to ask her something early on in our roommate career and she about ripped my head off. After that I learned to keep my distance or at least make an offering if I needed to talk to her before the caffeine and fake sugar worked it's magic.

Turns out I'm not too different from her. I have been super duper cranky all day today and couldn't quite figure out why. Everything and everyone was bugging the begeebers out of me but there didn't seem to be a reason behind it.

Then I figured it out: I didn't get my sweat on this morning.

I mean, I did get up and go for a walk, but about 10 minutes in, my knee started getting tweaky. I headed back home to ice & tape my knee and made plans to get to the gym after work. No big, right?

Riiight. Yeah, by 9:00 *I* couldn't stand to be around me, let alone anyone else... and I'm surprised the hubby didn't hang up on me!

Apparently I wasn't too far off when I call it sweat therapy...

Luckily my knee cooperated with me this afternoon and was able to work up a serious sweat and feeling muuuuccchhh better... and there's much rejoicing. :)

But not before I almost started a fight.

See, it's my bosslady's birthday tomorrow and being the awesome type person that she is... I decided to make her a cake. Being the chocolate fiend that she is, I made her a Chocolate Blackout cake. OMG num! She loved it, which was about the brightest spot in my day. She decided to share half the cake with co-workers so I put it out on my desk for folks to help themselves.

After people got over the shock of the fact that I not only cook but can bake, too, the line formed to the left. LOL!

Then it happened... One of the co-workers made a comment about it, "YOU have cake?! Oh, wait, it's sugar free, right?"

::blink:: Uh... no, I only use real ingredients.

"Oh, but still, YOU don't eat cake, /do you/?"

Ummm... yeah, I do. Why wouldn't I?

"You've lost all this weight! You stop eating sugar, right?"

You mean like the stuff I have in my coffee each morning? Apparently I didn't stop, I just got more selective.

Then the other co-worker chimed in, "That's cuz she spends a lot of time exercising."

Really? I do? I thought I only worked out a few times a week for 20-30 minutes. Wow... I work a lot harder than I thought.

I knew it could go down hill fast but luckily they were more involved in digging into the cake than continuing the conversation. *whew*

I took out the frustration on the treadmill after that. :)

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