Saturday, August 29, 2009

Furry Alarms, A Nutrition throwdown and Full Contact Yoga


Ok, the title pretty much sums up my morning... and it's only 9:30!

And that was me this morning, starting around 5:30 am. Apparently the kittens are entirely too used to me getting up around that time, getting ready for the gym and feeding them because no matter how much I tried to force snuggle them into sleepy submission it didn't work. SO around 6:30 I gave in and got up to a chorus of ::mewmewmewmew feed me monkey mewmewmewmew::

It's days like this that I'm grateful for whomever brought coffee to the new world. And for the invention of naps which I foresee in my future.

Since I was up, I figured I'd get my brain going as well. While having my morning snackie (kept it light for Obstacle Yoga... more on that in a minute) I decided to continue reading the Zone book, figuring I need to get a good handle on the basics and really focus on my food this week (and I know... talking a lot about it... feel free to skip ahead or move along... really, this is my random ramblings). Now, I've mentioned that the thing I like about the foundation of this plan is that it's focused on real food, all things in moderation, and the principle that if you have one meal that's out of whack, it's no big.

The thing that bugs me is that, like the Atkins plan and a lot of other proposed eating plans, it plays the blame game and jumps on the Insulin is Evil bandwagon. Now, it's easy to see why Insulin and it's balance is considered the pinnicle of good health, weight loss, and overall world peace, because when the levels are steady, life is good. Just ask my hubby what happens 5 minutes after I've announced, "I'm HUNGRY!" It's a matter of cake or death*. But really, insulin isn't the only hormone in the body, but it's the easiest target, after the thyroid, for weight issues. I just find it very amusing that so many eating plans are build on the shaky campaign of "Save the insulin levels, save the world" especially after having read/listened to my BFF Tom Venuto - and he addresses it in his book "The Body Fat Solution" as Myth #8.

Essentially, insulin balance helps with a whole slew of things, but weight loss is simply a happy side effect, not THE effect. When you're eating in a way for your body's blood sugar levels to stay stable, you're not constantly in the feast/famine mode, you're more... snackish. As one who continually struggled with hypoglycemic issues, feeling hunger creep in was an emergency situtation for my system and those around me at risk for getting their heads ripped off. Now, not so much.

That all being said, the Zone and Tom Venuto's BFFM/Body Fat Solution plan, pretty darn close to each other - moderate amount of lean protein, lots of nutrient dense/calorie sparse veggies & fruit, healthy fat, and reduced grains eaten through out the day. Works for me. But I'd still like to see Barry Sears & Tom Venuto in a throwdown... though my bets are on Tom, just cuz. :)

After being tired of reading the evils of insulin, decided it was time for my weekly yoga bit.

I've mentioned before how my Muggins kitten likes to... with some of the poses. Well today was no different and if I could have caught it on camera I would have. I opted for a particularly vigerous routine turned full contact sport this morning, with Muggins wandering or laying all over the mat, usually EXACTLY where I needed to put my foot. Or hand. Or body. Or head. Until the very end, of course, with 'corpse' pose - just laying there at his mercy if he desired. But he's a cat, so what's the fun of demanding attention when his human is /ready/ for it?!

And on that happy note, I shall leave you (mainly Ramona, because I know she'll appreciate it...) with this thought from Stan Rogers since iTunes has graced me with many of his tunes while writing this:

"And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling b*stards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.

Rise again, rise again - though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you've lost, be it a home, a love, a friend.
like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again."

* If you haven't seen Dressed to Kill by Eddie Izzard, I HIGHLY recommend it... once you get past the 6'3" british guy in heels and lipstick, he's bloody hilarious and intelligent!

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~Diet Goddess~ said...

Ahhh...I will be your friend forever now! I LOVE Eddie Izzard! "Death Star Canteen" is one of our most favorite and often quoted bits at our house. Especially the line "were these dried in a rain forest??"

By the way, mine is hypothyroidism, too. Blah!