Friday, August 7, 2009

Munchies & motivation...

I figured I'd jump on the 'tried it' bandwagon...

I tried the Oikos yogurt this morning...

yeah. Told ya it was a bandwagon, since all the other cool kids are doin' going Greek of late. (I tried the Vanilla one - should have tried the plain, and you'll see why later)

My reaction: Yeah... I'll get to that.

Let me preface this with 2 caveats:

1) I loooove Stonyfield farms yogurts - most of them are organic (and OMG the Chocolate Underground is to DIE for! Seriously! You almost don't need chocolate ice cream with that bad boy! I said almost. ;) and don't have any scary frankenfood additives.

1a) If you've seen the movie Food, Inc., they are one of the 'good guys' in terms of sustainable and responsible food production.

2) I had a coupon (you, too, can get your very own coupon here)

What rocked:
-We'll, it's organic so yay!
-It has a bit more protein than carbs... but I still added some extra protein powder.
-Taste was yummy (I added frozen fruit as well... see... should have gotten the plain since I basically made my own flavor anyway!)
-It was at least a full 1/2 cup worth... considering people like Yoplait are charging the same for the lower weight 'whipped' yogurt as the regular/fruit on the bottom, and reducing the amount in the containers overall, I like the fact that this had a decent amount of product.
-With all the extra stuff added to it, it held me for at least 90 minutes... normally a regular yogurt would hold me 30.
-It was on sale at the store AND I had a coupon.

What was so-so:
-Texture. I say so-so because I personally didn't think it was any thicker than regular yogurt.
-Sweetness... this is, again, a personal thing. And another reason I shoulda gotten the plain. I thought it was a little sweet, but for some that's a great thing.

What stunk:
-The price.
-How much it cost.
-What they charge for it.

Did I mention that it's expensive?!?! Safeway has it for about $2.29 EACH container... and it was marked down to $1.99 EACH... I had a $.50 coupon so that meant yes, I paid $1.50 for _1_ container of YOGURT!

But I did it for all of you... in the name of science and experimentation and figuring out what the heck the big deal is with this Greek stuff!

So, would I try it again? Not so much... I don't eat yogurt much any more to begin with, and if I have a hankerin', I'll get a container of their regular stuff and strain off the whey - viola, more protein for my buck and all the probioticy goodness.

I'm glad I tried it, and if the Stonyfield peeps want to send me a case of this stuff for free... ::wink wink:: to change my tune, I'd be happy to do so. Otherwise, my recommendation is this:

If you have tons of extra cash on hand for groceries, it's a fantastic way to go to feed your need for yogurt.

If you don't have that mattress stuffed with moo-lah (get it?! I made a punny: moo. Dairy. Eh, never mind, you're still hung up on the fact that I spent $1.50 on a container of yogurt, aren't you?) I'd pass the Oikos over for Stonyfield regular yogurt any day... especially that chocolate underground. Did I mention it was darn tasty?!

Oh, and I mentioned motivation in the title, didn't I?

Just a random realization of the 2 movies I got from Netflix for my viewing pleasure this weekend: Rocky (the original, which I have NEVER seen! I! know!) and We Are Marshall.

Can you say: Underdog motivation madness?! I'll be PUMPED after watching those!

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