Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Watch it wiggle...

Back when I had the honor of having a personal trainer at my disposal, I walked into the gym feeling rather annoyed.

See, I'd been working my tail off but was feeling like, the harder I worked, the jigglier I got. I mean, I could start to see definition under the jiggle, but it was... well... more jiggly than usual. So I asked the Wise and All Knowing Steve about it... (I think it went something like "What the heck!?!?")

He asked a couple of question like what exactly I was doing and making sure I wasn't engaging in a lot of jiggle inducing activities (like eating a whole cake and downing a 6-pack of beer... every day... then wondering why I put on an extra bit of jiggle).

Satisfied that I was on the right track, he gave me a detailed explanation of what was going on inside... seeing my eyes glaze, over he summed it up: Basically with the combo of good eating and strength/cardio I was doing, the intramuscular fat was being pushed out to join the ranks of the adipose fat that lives under the skin, before it's kicked out forever. Hence the extra 'jiggle' on top of the developing muscles.

The fact that the definition was becoming more pronounced was further proof that I was, indeed, on the right track.

Why do I bring this up? Because after about 6 weeks of being back on the consistent, hard core workout routine... the jiggle is back!

Whoo hoo!

As my body does, I'm tightening up from the outside in - my arms and legs are TIGHT, the belly, hips and upper thighs... not so much.

But after this morning's workout, the jiggle can just move on... I did the "super weenie" (at least in a CrossFit definition of super weenie. LOL!) set of pull ups and dips on the assisted machine. I managed 60 (4 sets of 15) before my muscles said (a la the Soup Nazi), "No more ATP for you!"

LOL! I'm such a geek...


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Congrats on your progress :-)

Heather said...

I feel your jiggle pain! I noticed that today while running of all things!

A friend once described the jiggle/mushiness to me as fat melt. Think of the comparison of jello melting & how when it goes from that jiggle to mushy. Fat does that too.

She explained it WAY better but you get the idea :) lol

Glad things are "moving." ;)

Lady Rois said...

LOL! I love it, Heather! I guess the jello analogy works all around!

Glad that my trainer wasn't just telling me that to stop my whining... well, it was probably partly that, but you know what I mean. :)