Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye is never easy. Even under the best of circumstances it stinks... One of life's great injustices is occasionally having to say goodbye to someone who leaves this world too early.

In a few hours I'll be leaving to attend a memorial for one such person.

Unfortunately, this will be the second time in a few years that I will be attending this type of service, and not surprisingly, both people, even though their paths never crossed, were very similar.

They both were amazing people.

This is isn't me waxing nostalgic about the departed... They were truly genuine, living their lives in a way that was authentic to them. They touched the lives of the people around them so deeply that you were inspired to be a better person for that connection.

They both had laughs that were infectious, and weren't afraid to let it out.

They also had tempers that would roar like an angry ocean, but there was usually a good reason for it.

They had hearts as big as the universe that they opened to multitudes of people.

It was that very organ that failed them in the end.

They were people who lived a full life. What it now lacks in length, they made up for in depth. Perhaps that's why they were called from this world so soon: They discovered their gifts early on, and used them freely to improve the lives of those around them.

Perhaps they also spent more time improving the lives of others, the sacrificed their own health in the process.

For all the abundance of spirit the fine gentles had, they also had an abundance of excess weight and were experiencing health issues as a result of their weight. Sleep apnea, hypertension, joint problems, etc.

Would they still be with us today if they had done more for themselves? Perhaps. Perhaps not. That isn't for us to know.

What they have left behind is a legacy of love and caring. An inspiration to others to be authentic and true to yourself. By knowing them, I am a better person. Their lives have strengthened my conviction to not only improve my life inside and out, but to share my gifts to help others so they may live full AND long lives.

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Heather said...

You have me in tears over here!!! That's so like something I would've said about my Mom. Perhaps she could have taken better care of herself & her health but would it have changed the fact that the Lord decided it was her time to come home? Probably not so instead I remember how amazing she was, how much people truly appreciated her & how many lives she touched while she was here. I guess that translates into "mission accomplished."

It sounds like your friends both did that as well.