Monday, February 2, 2009

January wrap-up & Plan for Feb

Wow! It's already February!?!?! Where did the month go?!

Well, apparently it went by fast and fabulously furious. Here's my wrap up from the month:

Weight: 167.4 (Down 3.8#)

BF: 30.54 (down 1.8% which works out to a little over .3% a week. This is based on the accumeasure and can change based on what results my trainer gets on Wed. eeps.)

My measurements (these are pretty subjective in general)

Chest- 40" (-.5")
Neck- 13.25" (-.5")
Waist 1 - 4" above belly button: 34.5 (-1.0)
Waist 2 - at belly button: 38.5 (-.5... apparently this will be the site of the final fat battle! LOL!)
Hips - 41 (-1.0)
Inner thigh - 23 (-1.0)
Calf - 15 (+.5 and I sooo need to take a photo of my calves and the spiffy definition)
Bicep - 11.5 (-.5)

So overall, seems to finally be showing some changes!

My plan for a fabulous Feburary:

-Continue to eat at 40% Carb/30% Protein/30% Fat
-3 HIIT/2 Moderate Cardio workouts a week
-3 days of strength training a week - 1 day with the trainer
-Body Measure 1st of March, BF measure 2/14. I'm getting a bit too frustrated doing BF% measurements weekly because I don't feel I can see 'enough' of a change so I'm going to hold back a bit and do it every 2 weeks.

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Master Mind Team said...

You Are a Champion Fitness Example to Others! Keep doing it... I have Faith and Belief in you!