Thursday, February 26, 2009

I need to be done more often!

This week has been a 'getting back to business' week. I have been so "done" all month and it has really been a big eye opener for me and making me realize that my priorities need to be re-evaluated. Yes, its awesome to have specific goals to work towards, and those can involve specific numbers, like on a scale or my body fat %, but I was starting to ignore the the signals my body was giving me and hyper focusing on tracking/weighing/and doing what ever it took to get to that goal (aka get to my goal weight in MY time frame) at the risk of my own health.

I had a great workout last night with my trainer. I have to admit there were about 50 times during the day that I almost called and said "done! no more. Can't do it." But mostly, I wanted to say, "I feel weak. I'm insecure and have no confidence that I can even do this without bursting into tears. I'm scared." So I did... sort of.

I got there and Steve started his usual banter, "Steph! Lookin' good! How's it going?!"

/My/ usual response is "Lets do this!/Unbelievable/great!"

Yesterday I said, "I'm pooped."

"greaaheywhat?" o_O

We ended up having a nice chat that involved him doing much finger wagging, and reminding me of listening to my body better. When it says "DONE", stop doing things and rest! Not next month, not next week, NOW. Oh, and tell him /before/ we start working out if I'm at that "done" stage.

I then proceeded to have a kick butt workout, and even had a personal best on a couple of the exercises! I commented, "Guess I need to be 'done' more often."

Yeah, it's great to be motivated into action by the physical changes and looking better, and honestly, the far in the future health benefits didn't get me out of bed like looking hot in my wedding dress did. That's what I needed to get moving and to learn how to build healthy habits that will keep me going for the long haul.

I'm realizing now that I've taken the time to build the healthy habits and they fit INTO my life rather than taking over my life, that is what's going to keep me going. If I get sick, I'll get well faster. If I get injured, I'll recover faster. If my hubby wants to go hiking up a huge mountain tomorrow, I can say KEEP UP!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still working on being a total buff trophy wife babeola, I'm just re-thinking my approach.

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