Friday, February 6, 2009

If I only had a brain...

The good news is that it only took a bagel yesterday and a Kashi bar w/my smoothie today to get my *bonked* brain back to mostly functional. OMG it was rough going though. It's so weird how a seemingly slight imbalance can effect you for days!

This morning was the worst though - I was worried I'd have to call in clumsy to work because I dropped, spilled, slopped & knocked over pretty much anything I touched, not to mention walking into the same darn wall twice. Gah! Then I had to pay attention/focus enough to take minutes at a meeting this morning. Yeah, whatever. Thank heavens for my little recorder dealy.

Finally starting to feel back to normal, and will continue keep things up so I can kick my own butt tonight at the gym and not fall down or something silly.

I swear there's times when I can do everything I'm supposed to, and the body will decide that it's not. good. enough. As long as I get the full message of who is /really/ in charge, it settles down again. Always a fun learning experience, no?

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