Friday, February 20, 2009

Another *duh* moment

I had another instance of giving someone advice that was really intended for myself. This week has really helped me overall, and the PTB have made sure that I'm getting the message loud and clear. I haven't really sought out any particular information on the 'rest & recovery' thing, but it's definitely found me.

I realized that even career bodybuilders and athletes don't operate at 100% _all_ the time. They do 60% one week, 80% the next, 70%, THEN 100%, only to back down again. It's a push/pull thing to challenge themselves then have some recovery time before pushing really hard, etc. So here are people who's job it is to force their bodies into peak performance, and yet, they understand that it's best to mix up the intensity levels.

So why do *I*, a mere mortal who is just discovering her inner athlete, think that I'm able to operate at a level far above that?


Ok, ok, I gets it! LOL!

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