Monday, February 9, 2009

Complements and Choices...

I've commented in the past that I am searching for the 'perfect' snappy comeback for the times when people hit me with the inevitable "You've lost weight!" statement. It bugs me when people comment on it because there's so much more that's gone on for me beyond the physical weight - the emotional and attitude changes, the way I approach exercise, the physical strength I'm building, etc. But then I have to step back - they don't know all that, all they see is what's going on on the outside; the physical transformation which some days is more obvious than others. (Today's one of those days - I had on my favorite skirt and sweater... and there was no way to make it look like I /wasn't/ swimming in it. *sigh* another one for the donate pile.)

*MRSMOOSE really summed it up well with her blog entry. I mean, it's something that I'm just... doing... once it becomes a true habit, a true life style change, it becomes part of who you are rather than something that you're doing for a set purpose.

So I've finally come up with the perfect response: "Thank you." Now if I can come up with a way to deflect the "How much?!" question, I'll be golden. ;)

And I have a feeling I'll be dealing with that question tonight, too. I had a quandary - got an invite from friends I haven't seen in a while to have dinner. I enjoy seeing them, but was a bit annoyed because tonight's my usual weight workout night and I /really/ enjoy those! Ok, I don't enjoy the gym on Monday nights, but still, the musckly strain and sweat... fun! (I'm getting to be one of /those/ people. LOL!) I was very close to saying 'Can't make it' when my very Wise friend pointed out that going the gym shouldn't interfere with my life, it should enhance it.

It's about making choices to spend the time on what's important - yes, my health is very important to me, and getting my body to where I want it to be by the end of this 12 week series is also important. But if I cut out everything and everyone in the process, what's going to be left to enjoy when I come up for air?!

So the choice was made - do a body weight routine at home, go have fun with friends and get over it. :) Now if I could just get a hold of a transporter to allow the hubby to join us, it would be a perfect evening!!

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