Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Active Rest Weekend

"Life is not static; it is dynamic. Whether we like it or not, our tomorrows will be different from our todays. "
W.L. Barth

So, yeah... was an interesting weekend. I rested, but yet didn't. It was awesome! It was actually a little scary how easy it was to not rush to the gym, or get myself ready to do pilates or whatever at home. But I totally enjoyed the down time. Caught up on BSG, cuddled with the kittens, read and was pretty much passed out by 11-ish. My body was grateful as well as the scale reflected a happy number too. (it was gone after Sunday's Football Fondue fest, but that's another story!) Saturday I decided to go do the River walk for about 40-45 minutes at whatever speed I walked. I had to keep holding myself back because I kept wanting to pick up the pace but I enjoyed myself none the less. The rest of the day, not so much. Apparently I kept pushing a wee bit to hard and the PTB decided to pull out the big guns and gave me several "Slow the frack down" messages that I finally got. I sliced my thumb open, almost dropped a knife point down on my foot (just missed on the drop /and/ the bounce.. .*whew*) then almost burned myself making dinner. When I knocked a bottle of chocolate milk on the floor and it went everywhere I finally took the hint. Parked myself on the couch the rest of the night. :)

Sunday was a lot of fun - was the Hubby's b-day and a great party with friends... if only the Cardinal's had gotten the memo they were supposed to win the game it would have been fantastic. I swear, moment's of indecision and hesitation lost that game... think there's a life lesson there?! Most likely. :) But there was much food and drink to console ourselves. Ooof.

Went back to the gym yesterday morning, and it was a little rough going but still did pretty well with the cardio. HATED going last night - I swear it's like amateur night from 5-7 on Monday nights at the gym! But I went... found a small corner - really small since the weight 'cage' was packed! - to do my strength stuff and am happily sore for it today.

So the lesson learned - it's ok to take a weekend off, and will come back all the better for it. Looking forward to the next one in about 6 weeks. That'll put me at week 12 of this series, so I can bask in my successful battle against the belly flab and plan my next attack.

*doh* forgot to take my 1st of the month progress photos. Must do that tonight!!!

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