Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay the economy is in the toilet!

A strange and wonderful thing happened today - co-worker lady and I went to the breakroom for lunch and there were no chairs! We had to steal some from an office just to have a place to sit.

This rarely happens! I made a joke of how "Either the economy is in the toilet or it's the day before payday... oh wait, it's both!"

While there's plenty of stress and worry about the economy, money, and the cost of, well, everything, there's a small glimmer of hope: Even though it's a hit to the wallet, it's a benefit to the waistline. I've noticed over the last 1-2 months the number of people brown baggin' it has increased 3-5x. It used to be I was the only person who would be eating in the breakroom and the only company I would have would be people dumping their take out contaiers in the trash. Now if I want a bit of alone time, I have to find somewhere else. It's awesome! And there's the occassional "I'm feeling a lot better" type of converations.

I have a hope and dream that, when things turn around and the economy is doing better, people will continue. I doubt it, since most people have gotten used to the convenience of drive throughs and resturaunts. But even if 1 person sticks with it, it will be awesome!

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