Friday, October 3, 2008

Sometimes the dragon wins...

Or in this case my brat won. And it was a good thing.

With the onset of fall with it's slightly cooler weather (hello?! This is Tucson! We're only getting down in the 70's at night.) and it staying darker longer in the morning, it's been increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning over all, forget about getting up to exercise. I was good Mon - Wed, then Thursday I hit that ::kick, whine:: "No wanna" place. One would /think/ that was Veruca rearing her bratty head, or Stevie just being a lazy teenager, but no, that was ME! It was aaaalll me whining about wanting 5 more minutes. My not-so-much brats were trying to push me out of bed, saying, "Just go for a 15 minute walk. YOu'll feel soooo much better during the day!"

"Nah, I have to get into work early - it's a busy day. No time. Besides, I'm in charge, darn it so back off and hit the snooze!"

Man I can get grumpy in the morning. LOL!

So I slept in, and had a seriously cranky day. I couldn't get started, couldn't quite cope with all the stress and activity going on around me. It was miserable.

This morning was the same thing, because there are some lessons I apparently am unwilling to learn. Alarm went off, SNOOZE! Alarm went off. SNoo- huh? I had this picture that formed so clearly and fully in my brain, I literally laughed out loud. At 5:25 am, I was laying in bed laughing. This picture was of a 6- and a 13-year old girl, dressed to go out exercising, standing next to my bed, arms crossed and tapping their feet, and giving me the look of, "Don't even make us drag yer sorry butt out of bed. You're not going to win this one."

So I got up, got out, and had a fabu walkie. The sunrise was beautiful and totally worth it. And there was cake at the end, or at least it was at work. :)

Actually, there's a bunch of it around here at work. I guess that January was a particularly, uh, 'slow' month for couples with the number of October birthdays, not only in my family, but here at work. ::giggle:: But today we celebrated my boss-man's b-day, and even though I'm not really a fan of it, I had a piece of Black Forest Cake and OMG it was nummy.

I decided a while back that, if I was going to indulge, I was going to make it worth it. If you're all about the box cake, that's fine. But for me, if it's a treat, it's gotta be something I can't have/get all the time. Something as rare and wonderful as the rarest gem, or the plant that only blooms once a year. With the holidays last year, it saved me several times to limit my time and calorie expenditure on the desserts that spring up like weeds staring oh, around now, but more so between 11/1-12/31. Like chocolate chip cookies - I love 'em, but they're every where. Now a Rocco's cookie, that's a different story. OMG num! Or my mom's, cuz, well, it's mom's.

Cake - well, you can get random store bought/box mix made cakes any where any time. But a from scratch, artfully made cake or pie of numminess - say from Nadine's like I had today and who made our wedding cake, or a rarely made banana chocolate chip coffee cake from evil co-worker lady, or mom's pumpkin pie that she baked the gourd herself - That's what I'm talkin' about.

It's all about setting a certain standard for what deserves to go into your body and enjoying to the fullest rather than feeling guilty. (and omg that statement can be read so many ways ::blush::)

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