Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ya know...

There's something awful and wonderful about food that comes out of a can, especially when it's cheese. A co-worker brought in crackers & cheese! Yay! Oh, you mean the transfat laden crackers and cheese that has a spout that it's squeezed out of.


Ok, let me back up a bit. As a kid, I loooved spray can cheese. You could make me so happy with a jar of peanut butter, a spray can of cheese, and box of crackers, and leave me alone... not much has changed on the peanut butter front, but canned cheese. yeah.

After seeing the can today, I had mixed emotions. "REAL CHEESE" the can exclaimed! ummm... yeah, chedder doesn't ooze like that! "WHOLE GRAINS!" the box of crackers promised.

Ok fine... I'll try one.

It wasn't awful. The happy warm fuzzies of youth didn't come rushing back, but it wasn't bad. It had garlic so that was a bonus, and the world didn't end just because I ate it.

But I think I can go another 8-10 years before trying it again. :P

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