Thursday, December 17, 2009

You know you need a break when...

You start feeling like this all the time...

I'm pooped down to my bones.

I know, I know - who isn't? There's a lot of it going around. A lot.

For me, it's not the hustle and bustle of the season, the shopping, the parties, the whatever. It's all the little things that I've been working hard to brush off, my efforts to be like Teflon(tm) and let things slide off, finally sticking to me. Maybe it is the holiday, maybe it's the time of year

The funny thing is that the weariness doesn't manifest itself as much in my mood (though I'm sure I've been a bit more touchy than usual) as it does in my attitude towards exercise...

I was adding workouts to my book (cuz I'm a geek and like to have at least 2-3 weeks worth planned in advance) and was perusing the WOD at the CrossFit site. I knew I was in trouble when I found myself thinking "Ugh!" with each one...

Not the good kind of "ugh" that I can tell it's going to be hard but welcome the challenge.

It's the "ugh" that makes me wonder if I can pay someone to hold a gun to my head to make me do them. (Ok, that's extreme but you get the idea.)

As much as I'm needing my sweat therapy, I'm thinking it needs to be seriously dialed back over the next several days or put on the back burner. There's that fine line between "Push through it" and "push it aside" and I'm trying to figure out where I *really* am on that slippery slidy scale.

If I push through when I should push aside, I run the risk of over working my already delicate adrenal system, not to mention feeling exceptionally discouraged at my lack of performance... if I push aside when I should push through, I feel guilty and run the risk of beating myself up for not doing *something*.

Gotta love that perfectionist, darned if ya do, darned if ya don't, Catch-22 cycle!

It's also extra fun when I'm so close to the end of my 12-week cycle and a planned rest/easy week is within sight...

It goes back to "People make plans. God laughs." So what if I've been pushing hard for the last 10 weeks and only have 2 more weeks to go, the greater plan says, "Nope."

Basic game plan is to seriously scaled back tomorrow - something instead of nothing but not full boar. Saturday will be a get out and clear my head walkies. Next week will basically depend on how things are after Saturday.

It's all about learning to listen to your body... and even more importanly, learn to trust what your body is saying.

Sometimes the most beneficial action is inaction.

Sometimes the most powerful strength is shown in lifting yourself up.

Sometimes you have to do nothing now so you can do more later.

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Wow I always love the pictures you post. I do agree we can plan but its up to God!
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