Monday, December 7, 2009

Drive by Blogging... The power of 10

Work had been super busy and didn't get much computer time this weekend... I got a friendly 'nudge' that I've been too quiet of late, so I wanted to share a bit of the thoughts going through my brain:

It's the little things/it all adds up


Little things done _consistently_ add up to big, amazing, magnificent things.

When you're tempted to throw yourself into your fitness efforts /again/- you know how it goes. You're sick and tired of being sick and tired. You're tired of being in your current body, carrying around the excess poundage.

You muster up your determination and declare, "Today. Is. The. Day."

You make a plan to hit the gym EVERY day this week, for no less than 60 minutes. This month is the month I make it happen!

This is how you usually progress:
Day one: 60 minutes on the treadmill. I'm on FIRE!!!
Day two: 60 minutes on the dread, er, treadmill... not bad... was a struggle but I did it!
Day 3: oops... and oh darn. Forgot about that, um... 'appointment' I had
Day 4: plan? I had a plan? Oh yeah, but you see it's the cat... she gets flossed on Thursdays.
Day 5: Well, it took me 10 minutes to walk to my car... that count?
Day 6-30... yeah... well... there's always next month.

Total time devoted to exercise: 120 minutes

OR... you could be silly and, instead of starting out with a monumental effort, you could just do /something/ for 10 minutes a day.

I know what you're saying: _10_ minutes?!?! That's it?! That's not enough time to do anything!!!

To which I reply: What are you doing now?

Ok... work with me, here... let's look at it this way:

Day 1: walk for 10 minutes
Day 2: Stroll with the kids around the park for 10 minutes
Day 3: make a few extra trips up & down the stairs for 10 minutes
etc... for days 4-30

Total time devoted to exercise: 300 minutes

Do that every month for a year: 3,600 minutes or 60 hours.

That's from _only_ taking 10 minutes to do something...

What can YOU get done in 10 minutes?

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