Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice!

To quote my dad: Winter's back is broken and spring is on it's way!!! (I know - there's several of you who are buried under pounds of snow... just keep thinking warm thoughts! ;)

So... yeah, the rest period is slowly starting to kick in...

I realizing with a lot of emotional stuff going on and the increase in exercise, I was pretty much on the fast track to burnoutsville out (one 'advantage' of being hypothyroid - even when I'm doing well, my body can only deal with so much before it depletes the adrenals and thyroid reserves.

Trying to "burn it to earn it" backfired since apparently I felt really entitled to 'earn' a lot... lol!! I am taking it easy this week, as I did over the weekend, and am hopeful that the 'restful' feeling will eventually catch up with me..

I am really grateful that I've built a strong foundation so that my indulgences aren't as bad as they could be, and breaks from exercise aren't that long and are more beneficial than plowing through.

This week, my plan is be extra mindful of food during 'normal' days, enjoy without overdoing on the 'special' day, moderate cardio on T-Th-Sa, and incidental/whatever I can fit in the rest of the days.

Just to share some of the 'relaxation' from this weekend (which, unfortunately, wasn't as recouperative as I was hoping)... a couple of photos from a gathering with friends, courtesy of SHORTPUTTS - a 'real life' friend who, I was excited to learn this weekend is also a fellow Sparker!

The hubby & I soaking in the sun!

The "gang" in front of the most awesome tree in Tucson - decorated with fantastic ornaments and tons of love!


And since the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, and the stress levels may be creeping up to near critical levels, I wanted to share these two little tidbit with you as a bit of perspective:

1) A post from the amazingly lovely, inside and out, KNH771:

2) A bit of wisdom from my favorite money "Guru", Mary Hunt:

"The best way to avoid going through this season of doubt is to anticipate it and be ready with a counter punch.

The gift is exactly right. Think back to when you made or selected that gift. If it was the right gift then, it's right now. Relax and trust yourself.

No one is keeping score. You're not calculating how much anyone spent on you, right? Then, don't assume anyone else is doing that either. This is not about settling scores or spending equally. A gift carries an expression of love and best wishes. Let it do its job.

No one has starved in your home. When is the last time you really ran out of food and left a poor soul sitting at the table half-starved? That's what I thought. Such a thing is not going to happen this week, either. Should there be a sudden shortage of food or beverage, find out now which store will be open and keep the address handy. Now relax and trust yourself.

If, after all of this self-talk, you are still feeling unsure, I have the perfect antidote that will not cost you any money, but will put you at ease. Write each one of your gift recipients and dinner guests a note. Express your fondness and tell each person what they mean to you. Attach those notes to the gifts, or place them at the table.

Your work is done. Now, it's time to enjoy the holiday."

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