Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Gifts of Holidays Future

This is just a quickie-ish drive by post to share some thoughts that have been niggling around my brain lately...

Here we are... a week out from Hanukkah, a couple of days from Christmas and a week from the start of a new calendar year and a new decade. (ok, technically 2011 is the start of the new decade but work with me. ;)

This time of year is always one of reflection for me - I've seen a lot of the "2009 in review" and "Loose 10 pound in the first 10 days of 2010" stories popping up already and it always puts one in an interesting frame of mind.

For many, many years I was one to look at the next 8-9 days with resignation. There was no reason to "start" doing anything because I was too busy, there were parties to go to, food to be eaten, drinks to be imbibed. I would push that twinge of regret aside of being in the exact same place I was the previous year weight wise, financially, emotionally. Well, if I was lucky, I was in the same place. Some years I felt like I'd taken many steps back from where I was, other times a few steps forward. But on average... the same place.

I would invariably make the quiet (or not so quiet) resolution that NEXT year will be different! NEXT year I will wear that slinky size 8 dress to the New Years party. I will have more money than month. I will have a sparkling clean home that looks like it lept off the page of a magazine. I will stop making excuses and I will make it happen.

Thing is, despite all my resolutions, I had very little resolve to get them done.

Then something happened. I got *it*.

There was no big fanfare.

No shouting from the mountain top, "Enough is enough!"

It was quiet and uneventful. It was like that little seed that had been planted over the course of a few years that started to grow. That seed that said, "Something is more than nothing. Baby steps build unshakable habits. Stop talking and start doing. YOU can do it. YOU are worth it!"

I shut up and started doing something. Some days a little bit, some days a lot, but every day I did _something_.

It didn't pay off immediately. In fact, it didn't seem to pay off for a long time.

One day I took stock of what I *was* doing and was amazed. What I did each day pushed me to the next, which propelled me to the next, which was like a slingshot to where I am now.

I was looking forward, not staying stuck in the past.

I got an email today from Jonathan Roche (you can get your own daily dose of awesome here) - my fave trainer and all around awesome guy, that really drove all this home:

"Today's actions will dictate the quality and number of holiday celebrations later in life"

"This is scary, but true. If you make your health a top priority then you will probably set yourself up to live to an old age (and not be hurting) and enjoy many fun holiday celebrations with your family.

"Do you want to be a great-grandparent sitting on Christmas day (or earlier in the season at your family Hanukkah gathering) and be able to get down on the floor with your great grandkids as they open gifts and play?

"Most people don't think about how today's actions (and today's lifestyle) plays such an important role in your future (the length and quality). We are too busy rushing through our days ("I am too busy to exercise today." "I forgot to eat.", etc.) that we don't realize our health is slipping away.

"You and your family deserve for you to be around for many years to come and celebrate many more special holidays. Keep this in mind during this holiday season as I want you to be insanely focused on making yourself and your health one of your top priorities in 2010 and beyond!"


Here's the thing... it's up to you to decide if you're ready to strengthen your resolve to overcome the excuses and take the baby steps to build a rock solid foundation (aka if you're ready to take on the process of change), or if you are happy staying where you at? Either way, do what's right for you.

No matter what you decide is right for you right now, allow me to plant a small seed of hope in your heart: Don't make any resolutions this year.

Give yourself a gift instead.

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