Friday, November 7, 2008


Totally want this for Christmas: (along with somewhere to hang it that I'm not worried about crashing in the ceiling)

And then want to take one of these classes: Cuz that just looks like so much scary fun!

The even stranger thing is that I'm really wanting to set up a home gym and actually use it. Or at least get more fitness-y things in the house, but not something that's only good for this or that muscle group. I'm like Alton Brown and love multi-taskers! :) The hubby has even commented about getting a pull up bar or something for when he's home (dude! I would sooo love to be able to do one pull up!) But then I'm torn - I really like going /to/ the gym, getting out of the house and to somewhere that's totally focused on exercise, but would like stuff at home, too.

So yeah, basically want the best of all worlds. :)

OH! And in awesome news, as of this morning, I officially hit the 30-pound loss!

::happy dance!!!::

To celebrate, I'm wearing a pair of size 14 jeans I haven't worn in forever!!! The same pants that will end up in the Goodwill pile when I get home. After wearing them for about an hour, I remembered why I didn't wear them often, even when I could fit into them before. LOL!!!

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