Monday, November 24, 2008

Random musing Monday...

Sounds better than ADHD Monday but that's about how my brain is feeling today.

Oh look! Air!

Oooh shiney!

What was I saying?

Yeah, ok, here's my musings.

My hero: Talked to one of the co-workers who DID ride in the El Tour to see how it went. They had an intense, rocky start to the race. On the way to the start line, his wife's bike broke. As in essential parts of the bike ceased to be attached to the frame. Luckily this was before they started actually in the race and she wasn't hurt. After several frantic calls, a wish, a few prayers, and some scrounged parts, the bike was made ride-able again! And they did the whole 109 mile ride, even though they started 30 min. late. How cool is that?!?! They could have just scrapped all the time and training, but instead they kept pushing through. Took them 8 hours, but they did it. And it was wonderful, he said!

My snarky annoyance: People who are putting their health and wellness on the back burner because "it's the holidays." "It's just not a good time to start/continue a weightloss program!" Ya know, you're going to believe what you want to. It's either the perfect time or worst time to be on a weightloss program, depending on how you look at it. In fact, the holidays are really like any other day of the year, and those days are also the perfect/worst time to take control of your health and your life. Yes, there's many times I'm tempted to throw in the towel (right now, in fact (see the next item). It's sooo tempting to look at what I've done, say 'good enough' and just stop. But why, when I've barely scratched the surface of my potential. Why not plow through, despite minor setbacks (see the previous item)?

My frustration: I just want to feel WELL again! I know, I know, I just wrote about how I'm grateful for my sinus issues since I'm not sick otherwise. You know those annoying Mucinex commercials about giving mucus an eviction notice?! Well I have been! Repeatedly! Along with a few strongly worded letters from my immune system lawyers. And it's not budging. I went for a walk yesterday and felt like I was gonna die - my lungs were hurting, I couldn't quite get my breath, and my endurance was next to nothing. I realize that I can't expect all my health issues to go away at once. And hopefully next year it'll be clear sailing. But right now, I need to just acknowledge my limits and do what I can, but not really push anything... grrr... Stoopid body.

My happy: My mom is trusting me to make the stuffing and mashed potatoes ahead of time! This is a HUGE step for her. YAY me! AND I fit into a pair of pants that I have NEVER been able to fit into. They're still tight enough they wouldnt' be comfy for the whole day, but still. I have never, ever been able to put them on, let alone zip them up! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

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