Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cranky Wednesday workouts...

Kick a$$!!!


Today was rough. My head feel like it's gonna explode and my sinuses really hurt. Meh.

Had several panicked calls from the hubby about money, checked the account and had a minor freak out myself and did a few more frantic calls to this and that person.

I was so not in the mood.

Walked in the gym, was greeted with a chipper "how you doin?!"


Ya know, when you start from rock bottom, sometimes the only place to go /is/ up.

Worked out a lot of /my/ frustration, had a kick butt time, got to laugh a little and managed to annoy my trainer, all in 1/2 an hour! Go me!

Ok, I only annoyed him because I'm flexible. I commented that my triceps were annoyed, he tried to stretch my arm... "lemme know when it starts to pull"...






"Ok, too flexible for that one... how about this one? nope, how about this? Gah. forget it."

I had him show me a couple of leg stretches (I FINALLY get the IT band stretch! YAY!) Nope, again to flexy. Yes, it's a good thing, and interesting to see how some areas are more flexible than others on different people, but also is very frustrating when I can't get a quality stretch in an area that really, really needs it.

By the time I got home a couple of the bank issues were taken care of, or at least the processes were started, I took care of another one, and we're both feeling a bit calmer now. Just wish he wasn't in Houston. *sigh*

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