Friday, November 21, 2008

Survival of the Fittest: Pot-Luck addition

We had our Thanksgiving potluck today at work - surprisingly there was a good balance of contributions. Instead of 75% desserts and 25% side dishes, there was about a 50/50 split. Whoo hoo! Considering the enthusiasm for potlucks has drastically waned of late, this was pretty darn exciting.

I'm not sure what mental shift has occurred in my brain, but instead of fearing and dreading the potluck, I had made my mind up before hand what I was having, and enjoyed chatting with co-workers instead of obessing on the food like everyone else was doing. I had horrid flashbacks to the potluck a few years ago - 1 dessert is ok, 5 is really, really bad. This year: 1/2 dessert is ok, after letting the salad, veggies & turkey settle... and get myself prepped for the gym.

Maybe it's the fact that my sinuses are slowly taking over my head (can I tell you how much I hate and despise my sinuses?! Seriously! I have managed to keep myself from getting all the little colds and flus that have been flying around the office, and my immune system is going great... except for this. Gah!) and nothing really looked as appealing as it may have been in the past. Or the fact that there were very few homemade options that it narrowed down the choices/options. I've become such the snob of late - if it's processed and/or store bought, why bother consuming the crappity calories?! I mean seriously - if this is a special occassion, why have something that's less than special?

It could also be that, despite my sinus induced laziness the last couple of days, I weighed in a svelte 170.8 (that's /almost/ in the 160's!!!), am down to 31% body fat AND put on over a pound of muscle this week! So yeah, feeling more determined than ever to continue on my happy, healthy way. To the point where I brought in my stuff to go to the gym afterwork.

Yes, I realize it's a Friday night. I'm a lame-o with no social life, k? And I figure that only the people who are serious or have equally unexciting social lives will be there so I won't have to fight for a machine.

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