Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had it in my mind what musings to write about today, including a great reason for not getting out of bed to go for a walk or the gym this morning (it was the kittens' fault I swear!)

Then I remembered.

I remembered what happend 7 years ago.

I remembered my alarm not going of and franticly getting ready for work, worried I as going to be late when the phone started ringing off the hook. When I finally answered it, all I heard was, "Have you seen?! Go turn on the TV!"

I remembered our whole world changing. Something fragile and beautiful being shattered. Hope? Dreams? Gone.

I then remembered strength. Strength to go on when most would give up. Strength of spirit, strength of will, strength of the people. When hope was gone, that strength brought courage to just keep going. It didn't matter if it meant moving one more brick, or just moving one foot in front of the other. Just keep going.

And we did. We made it through and we each realized that we're stronger than we think.

Then our country continued to be attacked. Names like Katrina, Houssain, Gustav, and words like tsunami, and taliban also became part of our vocabulary and markers of time, like Dallas and Kennedy. They reminded us over and over again of hardships and strength. They made us remember to not take life for granted, to keep the friends and family we have close to our hearts, to stand for what we belive in, know that we have a strength beyond measure, and not let anyone take it away.

It makes us remember, so we don't forget.

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