Monday, September 22, 2008


It's over?! I mean wasn't it just Friday? So how can it be Monday again? Ugh... the weekend was quite the doozy and wasn't very productive, and feel like poo this morning.

I did something this weekend that I haven't done in a loooonnnnggg time. I had soda. Correction: I had a LOT of soda. It started with a Rum & Coke on Friday night (hello?!?! Was International Talk LIke a Pirate Day! I had the hat and everything!). Saturday we were out and about and we decided to swing into Chick-fil-a to grab dinner (yeah, I know, drive thru = bad. get over it ;) and the DH ordered a root beer. I had a sip since my blood sugar was taking a serious nose dive and then promptly ordered my own. OMG did it taste good! It's so rare that something that you haven't had in a while actually tastes as good as you remember/want it to that I totally savored it, and so did the hubby. In fact, we were still in monster crave mode and walked to Circle K for more (hey, at least we walked the 3 blocks instead of driving ;) ... Headed home to promptly make a root beer float. N-U-M!

We then went to a "bridal" fair on Sunday (ugh, long story, trying to get over it) and not only did I have some cinnamon melts from McD's (they were so-so) cake (strawberry vanilla rum! NUM!) and some of the best darn baklavah I've had, but again, more root beer on the way home.

Total soda count for the weekend: 4

Ok, it's a LOT for ME. Especially since it's more that I've had in the last 3-4 months.

I was on such a sugar overload by the time we got home, all I wanted was veggies and protein. And I'm now paying for it today. I was seriously tempted to step on the scale this morning to see what damage had been done, but told myself that I could wait 8 more days and maybe see a bit more progress instead of a setback.

Although I can't totally blame the soda for feeling like crap today. Not only did I not get much sleep this weekend, I let my blood sugar get way wonky - really low, went too long without eating, then spiked it, then repeat - and that just messes with my energy levels and takes a day or two to recover from it.

The cool thing was that I talked with one of the other vendors who is a personal trainer and got some decent info on programs, how to proceed and the best part was how encouraging she was. Not that I /completely/ expected her to be otherwise, but I braced myself when I mentioned that I was looking into personal training programs. Again, the thought of 'helloo! fat! Can't be a fat trainer!' popped in, but she was VERY encouraging and excited for me. One thing she suggested was to start working with a trainer that I like and learning from them. Drat, costs money. But worth it in general. I have a feeling I need to branch out from Bally's for that, since I haven't been impressed with the folks there, but will ask if there's anyone one who isn't a super buff 20-something guy who's been an athlete all his life and no idea how to work with a, uh, more 'mature' woman. :)

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