Monday, September 8, 2008

Oy and Ow

So far today is very rough going all around. After taking last week off of exercise and easing up in the nutrition end of things, I really paid the toll this weekend and then this morning. The weekend was semi-productive but for the most part I was feeling very blah and mopey. I had no get up and go - beyond a walk on Saturday morning and some strength stuff that left my legs mad at me, especially when I went up and down the stairs - but didn't sleep very well either. Think part of it is a snuffy head from allergies. ::shrug::

The really sad part was this morning's workout: sheer torture. Did my interval work out and about 1/2 way through I seriously considered stopping. It was like trudging through mud, and haven't had that difficult of a time in months. Challenging yes, miserable no. But I pushed through. I've done the workout before, I know I can do it, and I made it through. I felt like a rock star at the end...

A washed up rockstar during the first week in rehab. :P

But I know it's part of the re-building endurance process. And I did my menu planning and grocery shopping for the week, and even did all my food logging for the week, not to mention quite a bit of prep work so I have all my snackies at work. I brought in a great lunch for today and then was reminded of a birthday lunch we're having for a co-worker. Oops. I had to fight every urge to cancel, and if I could figure out how to go and not eat there, I would... and it just occurred to me - I'm just going to have soup (going to Olive Garden) and eat my lunch when I get back. I'm there for the social aspect, and I don't have to spend the money/calories if I don't want to.


Sometimes I'm such a dork and can't see beyond my eyelids. Other times I can see way beyond the horizon. Here's to hopin that this is the first of many pushes beyond my eyelids for today. :) But first, I'm hitting the bottle of ibuprofen. Body still very sore.

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