Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pirate Code

The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules...

Sorry, I'm still recovering from a Pirates of the Caribbean fest this weekend... but after reading 2 of the DailySpark articles, it really got me thinking about the general rules and regulations I've set up for myself for success... They go along with the Green/Yellow/Red Flag days that, when I'm doing what *I* know works for *me* (aka Green Flag days), success will come, and it's not a surprise. When I'm not, or I let a few of those habits slip, that's when I get into the Yellow & Red Flag Days... I also know that I'm never more than one decision away from Green.

That's why I really loved this article.

Reposted from "Nancy's Bill of Rights" for ease of reference:

1. Thou shall release thyself from thy scale. Thou cannot and should not allow a machine to measure thy self-worth and value.

2. Thou shalt accept the obstacles that are inevitable on this journey we call life.

3. Thou shalt accept help and guidance from others more knowledgeable and experienced than thyself.

4. Thou shalt never give up learning. Education is essential in order for us to change and grow. Don't ever stop learning and don't acquiesce to accepting anything as fact. Learn for yourself.

5. Thou shalt not allow one off-track day to undo all the positives we have made in our lives. That one extra hot dog, the All-American food, is not going to undo all your hard work to date.

6. Thou shalt accept the challenges in life in order to grow.

7. Thou shalt never take for granted the health one has now.

8. Thou shalt never underestimate the power of small changes.

9. Thou shalt appreciate the freedom to live a life of joy and happiness, not one based on the size we wear or the number on the scale.

The lovely Nancy had her own #10, but I had to add my own based on another article:

10. If you are living by these guidelines/commandments/rights, especially #2, 5 & 6, thou shalt banish any and ALL "How to survive (insert holiday/gathering name here)" articles from your reading list!

[Rant Mode Activated]

If you have taken the time to really work on developing a positive attitude and building healthy habits behind the scenes... You've written out your goals and refer to them every day. You've taken the time to learn what works for you to get the results you want...

Or maybe you're still in the process of establishing those habits, but (yes, I know, I used the 'B' word. ;) you've made the decision and are committed to do what ever it takes to reach your goals... what does one meal, one party, one holiday REALLY matter?!

When you hyper focus on the BIG stuff - BIG Thanksgiving dinner, BIG Christmas party, BIG Birthday Celebration - you block out the energy and focus on the little things, like the 20-30 meals/snacks that you'll eat the week before and the week after that ONE singular event.

Most times we get so stressed and worked up over the ONE event, we feel defeated before it's even happened. The "Why Bother" attitude slips in and we throw in the towel for the week/month/year because of ONE thing.

BUT (I know! Twice!) you CAN stop that runaway train before it's left the station.

It's all part of #8.

Making small changes to your attitude is the key: Looking at the day in front of you instead of what is behind you. Planning and being proactive instead of reactive. Choosing to take a baby step instead of being defeated with an all or nothing attitude. Looking for what you CAN do instead of all the things you can't.

Take a moment to breathe, and look for those small changes you can make today that will add up to big changes tomorrow.

And when it boils down to it, to we REALLY need ANOTHER unreasonable "How to survive..." article that says to substitute carrot sticks for cake?!

[Rant Mode Deactivated]

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