Thursday, July 2, 2009

Operation: 'But' Buster

After getting great feedback yesterday on the article by Rachel Cosgrove, I would love to start a movement like that helps banish negative self talk/fat talk! Though I think my idea may not be as popular or as 'pretty', it would be equally as empowering and would raise awareness of our deepest fears and motivations.

I would call it Operation: "But" buster to put an end to all the "But" talk that goes on every day.

Case in point, I was talking with a co-worker yesterday:

Her: "You look so great! How much have you lost?"

Me: [sorta lying] "I'm not really sure because I sent the scale on a vacation for a while"

Her: "Oh! I could _never_ do that! I _have_ to weigh myself every day because I'm so afraid I would gain it back!"

Me: "Good habits help... [trying to be encouraging] You've been going to WW for a while now, I'm _sure_ you have built some solid habits that would keep you on track."

Her: [hesitating] "Weeellll... I do have some habits built up BUT there's weeks like..."

Me: [totally cutting her off] "So you _haven't_ worked on your habits... [her looking sheepish] you just said "but", which tells me you're not confident in the action your taking... I know you're worth the effort - you just need to believe it yourself and make it happen."

Her: [catching on] "And I need to stop saying "but""

Me: "You got it!"

Who's with me in putting an end to the senseless "But" talk and empowering ourselves toward success?!?!

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